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The Bay of San Augustin (Photo Courtesy of Ty) Tours and Excursions

Tour of the Bays

The most popular tour is a boat tour along the bays that make Huatulco so unique. There are various ways you can do that, you can go with one of the bigger boats on an organized tour or, a much nicer way to do it, rent a little "panga" with driver, who will take you to whatever bays you want. The nine main bays with their 36 beaches offer plenty of options. Some of the beaches have restaurants and bars on them if you would want to have lunch or a refreshment. Hurricane Divers offers the "tour of the bays" as an all-day excursion with diving and/or snorkeling and we usually take food and drinks with us to spend a few hours on one of the secluded, smaller beaches. For more info on our excursions go to: Tours & Excursions Click here for more info on our Excursions


Sail into the Sunset (Photo Courtesy of "Luna Azul")Sailing

Experience the thrill and romance of one of the worlds oldest ways of traveling as you explore the rugged coastline and the beautifull bays of Huatulco. Go swimming, snorkeling or simply sunbath in one of the tranquil bays. Or would you rather sail into the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine or your favorite drink and listen to the sound of the wind in the sails and the waves slapping against the hull? With the "Luna Azul" sailing yacht you can do the Bay Tour or the Sunset Tour and it´s available for private charters also.


ATV Tours (Photo courtesy of Garanto)ATV Tours

With the four wheel, all terrain motorcycles you´re in for plenty of fun and excitement. There are two companies in Huatulco offering tours, usually to the enormous and deserted beach of the Bay of Cacaluta where you can play around in the sand dunes with your ATV, or go for a refreshing dip in the ocean (without the ATV!). To get there, you´ll have to make your way through the jungle first and cross a small river.


Jeep Tours (Photo courtesy of Garanto)Jeep Tours

There is a company in Huatulco offering Jeep Tours as well. They will take you into the more rugged terrain of the mountains. Guaranteed for lots of fun and impressive views and you´ll probably see some interesting wildlife.



Up in the MountainsCoffee Plantations

Oaxaca has always been famous for its coffee and a visit to one of the coffee plantations ("finca") is definitely worthwhile. Depending on the season you´ll be able to see the coffee still growing or the treatment of the coffee beans after being harvested.

Copalitilla Waterfalls (Photo courtesy of Garanto)Waterfalls

When you do an organized tour to the coffee plantations they will also take you to a beautifull place with waterfalls, springs and small lakes where you can take a dip in the clear and cool (ok, cold) mountain water. There are various places like that in the mountains, on the right you see the "Copalitilla Waterfalls", about two hours from Huatulco. You can take a trip there yourself or do it as a tour, either way it´s a breathtaking experience getting close up. Don´t forget your bathing suit, you do want to get in the water and let the waterfalls massage you for a while!


View of the bay of Puerto AngelPuerto Angel

Once the main port for the transportation of coffee from Oaxaca, it is now a tranquil little coastal village. You can still see the big jetty  where cargo ships used to dock but the only boats going out nowadays are fishing boats or the small "pangas" taking some of the very few tourists out. The most famous beach in the area is Zipolite. Mainly visited by back packers and hippies, it has that typical "Sixties" atmosphere and it´s well known for its nudist beach.


Sea Turtles are protected worldwideThe Mexican Turtle Center

Funded by the government, the "Centro Méxicano de Tortuga", was set up to conserve and protect the local turtle population. It´s located in Mazunte, 10 minutes driving from Puerto Angel. They are open to the public in an effort to educate the people about the importance of protecting the turtle. They have seven out of the nine excisting species of sea turtles and also some land turtles. They breed them as well and every now and than they set them free, often during big events where the public can "sponsor" a turtle and set it free.


Laguna Ventanilla (Photo Courtesy of www.tomzap.com)The Lagoon "Ventanilla"

A beautifull piece of nature a few miles past Mazunte. You will see crocodiles there as well as many tropical birds. Turtles use the beach as a place to lay their eggs frequently. Tours can be arranged directly at Ventanilla or leaving from Puerto Angel or Huatulco. ....

For more info on Puerto Angel and the area go to www.tomzap.com Click here for more info on Puerto Angel and the area


The waves on Zicatela Beach in Puerto EscondidoPuerto Escondido

Famous for its waves and thus the surfing, Puerto Escondido is a very nice place to spend some time. It has a relaxed and laid back atmosphere and whether you surf or not, the 16 km long Zicatela Beach is worth visiting. Don´t go in the water though when the red flags are out or if you are not a very competent swimmer. If you want to stay overnight you can rent a cabin or get a room in one of the very reasonable priced hotels. The "adoquín" is a pedestrian area behind the main beach and it´s the place to be if you want to do souvenir shopping. For more info on Puerto Escondido go to: www.tomzap.com Click here for more info on Puerto Escondido


Touring the Lagoon of Manialtepec (Photo Courtesy of www.tomzap.com)Lagoon of Manialtepec

Laguna Manialtepec is located 16 kilometers west of Puerto Escondido. During the rainy season, the River Manialtepec breaks through its sandbar and the lagoon fills up with water. There are hundreds of species of birds like cormorant, anhinga, herons, ibis, parrots, egrets, ducks, lily walkers, etc. Tours are available locally or you can book them with various companies in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.


City Square of OaxacaCity of Oaxaca

The capital of the state of Oaxaca is a place with more than 10,000 years of uninterrupted evolution and history. With its rich cultural, historical and natural heritage it´s no suprise the city of Oaxaca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The colonial style city lies high up in the "Sierra Madre" mountain range and has many attractions. A lot of tourists combine a holiday to Huatulco with a stay in Oaxaca. Tours to Oaxaca are available in Huatulco either coming back the same day or staying overnight.


A view of part of Monte AlbánMonte Albán

The pictures left and below show the famous "Monte Albán", a huge complex with ruins of temples and other buildings. Monte Albán began to emerge as a regional center sometime around 500 B.C. It's function seems to have been to unite the people of the three valley regions surrounding it, providing a central place for trade, recreation and religous events. The early architecture shows Olmec and Toltec influence, but the Zapotec later took control and rebuilt the center in their own style by building over the original structures. Make sure you visit this place when you are in Oaxaca!

For more photos of Monte Alban, go to Monte Alban Click here for more photos of Monte Alban

To see a video clip of Monte Alban, click here Click here to see a video clip of Monte Alban


Another view of Monte Albán (Photo Courtesy of www.tomzap.com)


Other interesting attractions outside the city are a similar archeological site called Mitla and "Hierve el Agua" where water bubbling out of the ground provides a spectacular view.

For more info on Oaxaca go to: www.tomzap.com Click here for more info on Oaxaca


Ascent to the top

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