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Roberto (left) & Natanael (right) Go Pro!

If you want to join the ranks of PADI as a professional you have come to the right place. As a PADI Gold Palm IDC Center (Instructor Development Center) we offer almost every course on the professional level from Divemaster to IDC-Staff Instructor including  Emergency First Response  Instructor, Specialty Instructor, etc. We also offer various DAN Instructor Courses. Our team of professional diving educators, PADI Course Director Robert O. Kraak (CD-83383) and IDC-Staff Instructor Natanael J. Mejía (IDCSI-170358) have a combined experience of more than 25 years of teaching diving, certifying over 2000 divers and logging over 10,000 dives. Roberto has succesfully conducted (and/or assisted with) more than 150 professional level courses of which over 100 have been at Instructor level. Many of those he did at one of the biggest PADI Career Development Centers in Florida. With a few exceptions every person involved in those courses, is now a proud and enthusiastic PADI Professional working in one of the many dive operations around the world.


We work with small groups so you get the attention you needPersonalized Service

The key to our succes in training PADI Professionals is the undivided attention to the personal needs of each and every candidate. No time or effort is spared to make sure that our candidates are well prepared and ready, not only for their exams but also to go out and do their job afterwards in a safe, responsible, enjoyable and above all, professional manner, whether as a PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor, Specialty Instructor, EFR Instructor, DAN Oxygen Instructor or as an IDC-Staff Instructor. To achieve this we work in small groups and with plenty of time planned for each course or program. For us, Roberto and Natanael, it will be a pleasure to personally advise you or help you plan and pursue your professional diving career. We speak and teach in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Please don't hesitate to contact us! Besides all that, the Bays of Huatulco is a perfect and beautiful location to do your professional diving course(s) in a tranquil and tropical setting.



Success is in the Details

Below you will find a short description of the various, professional level programs and courses. For more specific information about prerequisites, course content, materials needed, schedules, etc.,  you can click the link "Course Details" you´ll encounter below every description.

We are very flexible with the scheduling of our courses and we can do any course almost any time. We can schedule your course for the weekends, over a longer period of time or we can accommodate for more intensive courses over less days if so desired. For some courses we need a minimum amount of candidates. We also have a range of courses planned every year, for the courses planned for this year, please go to Course Calendar Click here to go to our Course Calendar


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Divemaster Training Divemaster/Assistant Instr.

PADI Divemaster

You can do this course in a week or we also offer the possibility to do it as an internship (see below). You will expand your diving skills and knowledge to a professional level and learn and practice supervising diving activities as well as assisting with students in training. A lot of fun guaranteed!

As a Divemaster you will be able to work as a dive guide, assist with courses, accompany students on their Adventure Dives and certain other training dives. You can conduct several PADI programs such as: Discover Local Diving, Discover Snorkeling, Scuba Review, etc. and after going through the specific training program, you can conduct Discover Scuba Diving in the pool or confined water. You will still not be able to actually teach diving courses to students. If you participate in the Discover Scuba Diving Internship, you can conduct the same program in confined water.

For more details on the Divemaster Course, go to Course Details Click here to see more details of this course


Wouldn't you like to make your living like this? Diving offers you a Career Opportunity, the possibilities are endless!Our Divemaster Internship Program

One of our most succesful programs is the Divemaster Internship in which you are with us for 3 months, doing your Divemaster Course in the "Practical Application" format. This way you don't only become a certified PADI Divemaster but at the same time you gain hands-on experience and learn "the tricks of the trade". A very good way to prepare yourself for working in the dive industry as a PADI Professional and also for those who see diving as a career opportunity and want to go on and become a PADI Instructor. It is practically guaranteed you'll find a job soon after doing this Divemaster Internship Program with us, so far all our participants have!

Click here to see more info on our DM Internship


Learning how to teach the use of "the wheel"PADI Assistant Instructor

This course is not only an excellent preparation for the wannabe Instructor, it also enhances your professional capacities. You will start to develop actual teaching skills like giving knowledge development presentations (teaching "theory" portions of a course), confined water (or pool) teaching presentations and open water presentations. In confined and open water you will also learn how to control student divers, how to prevent and solve problems student divers may encounter, how to organize your training sessions, etc. In short you will be learning how to apply the PADI Educational System whilst implementing various components of a wide range of PADI courses and programs.

As an Assistant Instructor you will be able to conduct several PADI Programs independently like Discover Scuba Diving in the pool or confined water and the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course. You can also take the EFR Instructor Course and certain Specialty Instructor Courses.

For details on the Assistant Instructor Course, go to Course Details Click here to see more details of this course


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Preparing for a Confined Water Presentation Instructor Programs

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

This (OWSI) course is the first step on the PADI Instructor ladder. You will further enhance the teaching and other skills you learned in the Assistant Instructor Course to a level where you can independently and confidently teach student divers. You will further practice and refine the knowledge development, confined water and open water presentations, learn more teaching techniques and how to use the PADI System and materials for all levels of courses for the recreational diver. On top of that, you will learn about liability issues, teaching kids, the dive industry, marketing, promotion, counseling student divers, etc. A whole range of interesting and important topics that will make you, as a PADI Instructor, the most wanted and professional Instructor on the market.


Jorge during one of his highly entertaining presentationsPresentations

During the course you will spend a considerable amount of time in the water, practicing with your fellow Instructor candidates, expanding your group control and problem solving skills as well as the use of assistants during confined water and open water presentations. There will also be several hours a day in the classroom, not only listening to presentations from the Course Director or Staff Instructor, but you will be practicing your own presentation skills too. For the preparation of your own presentations you'll need a couple of hours in the evenings. There are a range of workshops incorporated in the program which will help you prepare even better for "life after the IE" and of course for the IE itself. 

As an Instructor from most other recreactional diver training organizations you can take the Open Water Scuba Instructor Course to "cross over" and become a PADI Instructor.

For more details on the Instructor Course, go to Course Details Click here to see more details of this course


Make diving your carreer!PADI Instructor Development Course

This PADI IDC program combines the PADI Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor Courses (see above for details of those courses).

With Course Director Roberto Kraak, IDC Staff Instructor Natanael Mejía and the support of Hurricane Divers you can rest assured you are going to be well prepared, not only for the Instructor Examination but also for life after the IE, when  you  start  teaching your own classes. We do the IDC in small groups, with plenty of time and personal attention, and the relaxed and tropical atmosphere makes Huatulco the perfect setting to do your Instructor Course.

For more details on the IDC, go to Course Details Click here to see more details of this course


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