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Welcome to our Guest Book. We invite everybody who went out diving or snorkeling with us to share your experience with everyone, either with your comments, photos and/or video clips.

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Name: Wanda & David

  Date: 20 April 2010

I live in: Canmore, AB, Canada

"Thank you for a wonderful experience all of you were extremely professional and friendly and the lunch was truly delicious, Pauline. Thank you again!"

Name: Kelly & Eva

  Date: 06 February 2010

I live in: Canada

"My wife & I did six dives with you in the last week.  Had a great time on all of them.  Appreciated the safety conciousness of the staff.  We’ll be back.  Amazing Wonderful!"

Name: Colin

  Date: 03 February 2010

I live in: Calgary, AB, Canada

"La Blanca was unreal the Rays and the wall of fish was the best I have ever seen.  Will recommend to all I know. Great Crew. Thanks Guys."

Name: Sean

  Date: 27 January 2010

I live in: St. Paul, AB, Canada

"Awesome trip. Amazing creatures and very professional yet fun staff. Thank you for being so great and helping me with my Open Water and Advanced Open Water Course."

Name: Sean

  Date: 27 January 2010

I live in: St. Paul, AB, Canada

"Awesome trip. Amazing creatures and very professional yet fun staff. Thank you for being so great and helping me with my Open Water and Advanced Open Water Course."

Name: Kristina and Morten

  Date: 25 January 2010

I live in: Denmark

"Very good dive with lots of Eagle Rays.  Hurricane Divers made a good professional job- felt safe all the time. Highly recommendable."

Name: Richelle

  Date: 18 April 2009

I live in: Canada

"I just wanted to let you know of the outstanding effort Yan had put in to help out Tyler and enable him to finish his certification. 

Tyler was having a lot of trouble with his ear equalization.  Something you won't really know about until you get out there.  He was recovering from a cold but also has had a history of ear problems when younger that I wonder if this influenced the situation.

In any event, Yan took a lot of time and patience to get Tyler down and when it just wasn't going to happen he made other arrangements which we very much appreciated.  In the end Tyler was able to finish and do all his skills  in order to receive his certification which we were very much relieved.

We commend Yan for creating some very happy customers and I would highly recommend Hurricane to anyone."

Name: Dale

  Date: 05 April 2009

I live in: Canada

"Roberto, wanted to let you know that my daughter Sara and myself had a very good experience with Hurricane Divers special thanx goes out to Yan, Nata, Javier, and Blaise. Your team is very professional and courteous. Being our first dive in the ocean and also a foreign country was a concern to us but you guys undid any concerns that we had..............thanx again and Hualtuco is a pretty nice place.....adios."

Name: Peggy

  Date: 01 March 2009

I live in: Canada

"Our thanks and compliments for a great day out; your wife's cooking was superb. Pat was a gem and my friend was very happy to have her snorkeling support. Xavier was extremely helpful in getting me in and out of water all suited up and was probably glad he didn't have to push me the first time I went over backward (the hardest part for me, but only the first time). I'm sorry now I didn't book the full PADI open water certification while I was here."

Cheers and thanks,


Name: Ian

  Date: 20 January 2009

I live in: Winnipeg, Canada

"Just a quick note of thanks to you and your wonderful staff.  My wife Sarah and I had the pleasure of a gorgeous day out on Friday January 14.  It was everything we could have asked for.  Ken, Javier, Blase and Jan took excellent care of us, and of course, lunch was terrific!!  We'll be booking again for next year for sure!!!"

Name: Mike

  Date: 11 January 2009

I live in: San Diego, CA, USA

Hello Hurricane Divers,

"Holly and I are now back in San Diego and Terry has returned to Calgary.  We had a great time diving with HD and if our travels takes us back to Huatulco, we will be sure to go again ... but next time I will bring more light for the video camera!"

"Nata, Yan, Javier, and the rest of the team were very helpful and made the dives an experience we won't soon forget, especially the 81F/27C water as Holly and I are diving in 55F/13C water right now!"

"We'll post some photos and short clips to the gallery."

Mike, Holly, 'n' Terry!

Name: Shaun

  Date: 01 November 2008

I live in: Regina, SK, Canada

"I came back to Hurricane Divers to do the Rescue Divers Course.  Once again I am totally satisfied with the expertise and professionalism that has been demonstrated to me during this course.  Natanael is an excellent instructor and made sure that I understood every lesson of the course.  I have total confidence in him and will not hesitate to do more courses with him. I would also like to thank the rest of the staff for being the professionals that they are.  Blaise for putting up being dragged throught the sand as my "Victim". Javier for helping me out as always on the boat. Ernesto, for aswering all my adminsitration related questions and for being  the friendly gentleman that he is, and to Yan, who I met during the course and  all the help and advice you gave.  I will be back."

Name: Dan & Bev

  Date: 07 March 2008

I live in: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

"Hello from Winnipeg - Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our dives with your company.  Antonio was our divemaster and it was a very good experience all round - I really liked the fact it was just the four of us and Antonio. So much to see - it was great!  We as a family also went on the tour of the bays with Pat and that was another day to remember.  Good snorkeling, good food and good company; doesn't get any better than that!  Unfortunately I can't remember the boat driver's names (on the dive I don't remember and I want to say Hector on the tour but not sure) but they were very helpful getting us in and out of the boat and taking us here and there.  We walked down to Tangolunda and saw Diana a couple of times, unfortunately we couldn't get that second dive in during our 2nd week but bought the t-shirts and Diana was very helpful.  It was also nice to meet Brian (and thanks for helping us get our gear together) Roberto, & Ken and Ernesto.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.  Huatulco was a great place for a vacation and we came home with lots of good memories, thanks in part to you guys!  Thanks so much."

Name: Linday & Howard

  Date: 01 March 2008

I live in: Montrose, BC, Canada

"Thanks so very much for the wonderful all day snorkelling adventure on Feb  14! Whales, dolphins, rays, turtles, we saw it all - it was like the whole thing was planned for us!  Our friends and family that we brought for the first time were truly amazed. Pauline's lunch was excellent - and the time on the beach eating, snorkelling, relaxing, and watching the hermit crabs, was super.  Patty and Ken did a great job, and so did our Mexican boat operators.  The day was worth every penny!  Thanks to Roberto for his prompt replies during the pre-trip organization.  Many people told us we were going to get taken for organizing long distance over the internet! Not a worry with Hurricane Divers."

Name: Cory & Heather

  Date: 26 February 2008

I live in: Canada

"I would just like to send you a quick note of thanks for the wonderful time we had with your group while we were in Huatulco last week.  We will be back for sure."

"Thank you to the whole crew on our snorkeling day.  Lunch was the highlight of the day as we only got to dive once due to the abundance of Jellyfish.  But the one dive we did get was a great one.  Patty did a great job of pointing things out we probably would have missed.  I have included a link to a picture of her coming back up to the surface after she went down to point out some sealife that was not easy to spot."

(To see the photo, go to our Guest Photo Gallery - Roberto)

"A lot of local knowledge was on that boat that day and we had a great time. Last time we were down we went out with the tour from the hotel, and this smaller group was a much more enjoyable experience.  We look forward to another full day adventure next trip."

"Once again, thank you for your help and see you next time we are in your neck of the woods. Hopefully it will be soon."

Name: Lydia

  Date: 25 February 2008

I live in: Colorado, USA

"When my husband first heard that I was going to go diving in a strange place by myself he was very concerned. especially since I am still a very novice diver.The staff at Hurricane Divers was amazing and took great care to make sure everything was just right every day of my 4 days!!!! I will never forget some of the experiences I had.... the highlight being the octopus I was given to hold. A special thanks to Antonio who got me over the first day's jitters and always saw to it that my gear was ready!"

"I hope to see you all again in the future! I loved Huatulco and will definitely be back!"

Name: Stuart

  Date: 24 February 2008

I live in: Toronto, Canada

"We enjoyed diving with you and were glad we could work out a schedule, just wish the conditions were better, but so goes diving and the pacific. Our last dive was great, so that will be a good memory to hold until spring as there is still plenty of snow on the ground in Toronto. Hope you are enjoying continued good weather and a prosperous dive (busy) season."

Name: Mick & Patsy

  Date: 17 February 2008

I live in: South Dakota, USA

"Wanted to send you a couple photos and let you know we all had a wonderful time on our excursion.  We made some new friends and some great memories!!"

God bless you and keep you,
The Lawyer, The Priest and the other Patsy

(To see the photos, go to our Guest Photo Gallery - Roberto)

Name: Martin & Mihaela

  Date: 13 February 2008

I live in: Canada

"I wanted to write and let you know how much we enjoyed the time we spent with your crew when we went snorkelling.  Pat and everyone else did a great job and my wife who is a novice snorkelled felt very secure knowing they were always close at hand.  The trip itself showed us allot of the area and we saw some things under (and above) the water that we had never seen before.  What a great day. I never did meet your wife but she is one mean cook!!  I'm surprised you don't weigh allot more : )" 

"All in all I sure am glad that were able to spend some time with you guys (and gals), it was one of the highlights of our trip.  Hopefully as the years pass by we will be fortunate enough to get to know you all a little better."

Name: Tom & Brenda

  Date: 02 February 2008

I live in: Turner Valley, AB, Canada

"Just a quick note to thank everyone at Hurricane Divers for another four great dives and a good day of snorkeling on your excursion. The lunch goes without saying "fantastic". Our third time diving with the group and look forward to doing more in the upcoming years. Take care and keep up the good work. see you all down the road."

Name: Axel & Doris

  Date: 24 January 2008

I live in: Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

"Roberto, Brian, Thank you for a PERFECT day on the water. First time snorkling, And it was Incredible. So good Doris is going to do diving lessons with you on the next trip. Say thanks to Pauline for lunch, so good, do you deliver?"

"The dolphins, the Manta Rays, the view, the staff, worth every penny, This made our trip!! Will be posting some photos soon. Guys, you are GREAT!!!!"

Name: Terry

  Date: 15 December 2007

I live in: PA, USA

"Great service and very a friendly & accommodating staff. Could have had better visibility but you'll have those kind of days. Would definitely use your services again when in the area."

Name: Mike & Wendy

  Date: 14 December 2007

I live in: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"WOW, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a comment.  The service, the equipment, the location, everything was great.  It was my first boat dive and my first warm water dive and I loved it.  I can't wait to come back and dive with you again.  Next time we come down we will be doing the all-day excursion because I heard that the lunch is amazing!  Thanks again for a fantastic day!"

Name: Paul & Pat

  Date: 11 December 2007

I live in: Kelowna, BC, Canada

"Thanks for a most excellent time. The diving was great, the staff fantastic, couldn't have had a better time. Looking forward to our next trip to Huatulco, we will be back."

Name: Lu'ai & Marisol

  Date: 23 November 2007

I live in: Germany

Hi folks,

"Back in cold Germany I am very happy to find some pictures on your HP to remind of the great dive trips I had with Hurricane Divers. Thanks for the nice welcome, the perfect organization and the excellent services. It was an enjoying experience to explore the UW world at Huatulco and definetly worth to come back and find out more! Best greetings to the team of HD."

Lu'ai "Deep Lui"

Name: Mary Jo & Jeff

  Date: 23 November 2007

I live in: Iowa, USA

"We so much want to send a big "THANK YOU" for a great time to all of you. I never thought I would ever be able to put my head under water, better yet scuba dive!!!!!! I included some interesting pictures of Ken, Antonio and Cortney at The Blowfish on Halloween. THANKS again!!!!"

Note from Roberto: For the photos see our Guest Photo Gallery

Name: Jim & Louise

  Date: 20 November 2007

I live in: Calgary, AB, Canada

"My wife and I spent three days with Hurricane Divers and it was without question the highlight of our trip to Huatulco. Roberto, Ernesto, Divemaster Ken, and the rest of the crew at Hurricane were not only extremely knowledgeable about the diving in the area, but were also very helpful with the "terrestrial" aspects of our trip (restaurants, day excursions ect.). We've had some experience with other dive operators and, without doubt, Hurricane Divers is the most professional, and friendly, we have ever experienced."

Thank you! We hope to be back soon.

Name: Sherrie & gang

  Date: 13 November 2007

I live in: BC, Canada

"We all want to thank you, we had a wonderful time, so glad we found you."

Sherrie, Vinny, Lance, Dawn, Erin, Dion, Tod, Curtis, Stacey, Lawrence.

Name: Shaun

  Date: 12 November 2007

I live in: Regina, SK, Canada

"After many years of thinking about it, I took the "plunge" and signed up for the Open Water Course in October."

"Everyone at Hurricane Divers was fantastic. The instructors Ken and Nata are top notch and I had complete confidence in them.  I enjoyed it  so much  that I have signed up to complete the Advanced Open Water Course with Hurricane Divers in March."

Name: Sandra & Brad

  Date: 26 October 2007

I live in: Omaha, NE, USA


"We wanted to let you and your staff know that we had a great time on our full-day snorkel trip… it was worth every peso! Nata and Javier were a lot of fun to hang out with, and really know their stuff. Thank Pauline for the delicious picnic lunch (any chance I can get the recipe for the 'Mexican meatloaf' dish?). I know Ken was hoping there was some potato salad left. Brad and I would have liked to sign up for another day, but we ran out of vacation!!!"


"It was great to meet some of your gang (Hi to Nata, Javier, Ernesto, Tonio & Ken). We'll be sure to pass the word about your shop!"


¡Muchas gracias!

Sandy (and Brad)

Name: Luis Enrique

  Date: 07 September 2007

I live in: Mexico City

"Es increiblemente fantastico bucear en ese paraiso, lo recomiendo ampliamente y no pueden dejarlo pasar si es que visitan Huatulco."


Name: Deb, Darren, Marley & Amber

   Date: 21 August 2007

I live in: Liverpool, England, UK

"We had the most amazing experience, one that we'll remember forever! It was our first time diving and certainly not our last! Thanks for showing us the paradise that lies above and below the sea in Huatulco."

Name: Kathryn, Roy, Kayleigh & Harriet

   Date: 12 August 2007

I live in: England, UK

"Just a quick thank you for the great time with you, the diving was good, the day excursion with Pauline's lunch a treat & the party at the Dublin. Hopefully we'll see you again."

Name: Ian & Liz

   Date: 02 July 2007

I live in: Warrington, England, UK

"Just a quick mail to thank you all so much for the fantastic experiences you provided Liz and I. I managed to get some great photos, which I will post on the website when I get some free time. Once again, thanks so much - you made our visit to Huatulco an unforgettable one!"

Take care and safe diving

Name: Kay

   Date: 06 June 2007

I live in: San Fransisco, CA, USA

"I just want to say what a great experience we had with you on our trip to Huatulco last November (2006). There were ten of us on two boats. Some fished and some played in the water. For me, I had always wanted to learn to Snorkel. For a first time experience, I felt very well taken care of. I had the pleasure of a Snorkeling "buddy" the entire time I was in the water. I knew if I needed help, my "buddy" was never very far away. I was able to see colorful fish, beautiful coral and even Sting Rays! They kept their distance and I loved watching them. What a great experience it was. I am recommending your company to our daughter and her friends who are planning a trip to Huatulco in the near future."

Name: Gil, Julie, Hannah & Christian

   Date: 01 May 2007

I live in: Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

"This was Hannah (15) & Christian's (12) first exposure to diving and Hurricane Divers could not have been more accommodating. Ken and Nata are true professionals. We went on a full day, two dive trip including Pauline's fantastic lunch, bravo!! We'll be back next year."

Name: Wayne

   Date: 23 April 2007

I live in: London, ON, Canada

"Truly a great dive operation. The team is friendly and efficient and the diving was very enjoyable."

Name: Dyno

   Date: 22 April 2007

I live in: Edmonton, AB, Canada

"We had a wonderful time with your crew on our 7 bay snorkling tour. we really appreciated there knowledge and friendlyness of your workers. I will admit that this was the best snorkling we have done in Mexico, and we do plan on coming back and I will be in touch."

Name: Jay

   Date: 22 April 2007

I live in: USA

"Ken did a great job for us…Thanks for taking us out diving."

Name: Kandace

   Date: 22 April 2007

I live in: Chicago, IL, USA

"I booked with Roberto a month before we came to Huatulco during Spring Break.  The staff was very friendly, professional and took special care when my husband became sea sick while snorkeling." 

"I was also very impressed with the care that was given to keep the turtles & fish alive by picking up and by removing items that had gotten into the bays that could harm them. We learned a lot during the All Day Bay Tour."

Name: Charles

   Date: 04 April 2007

I live in: Weyburn, Canada

"I took the Discover Scuba program and did 2 dives with Nata.  I felt very comfortable with his knowledge and patience.  The diving was great. Thanks for the experience."

Name: Colin & Debbie

   Date: 02 April 2007

I live in: BC, Canada

"Once again thank you for a wonderful experience and a fantastic day!"

The Paton Family

Name: Lydia

   Date: 28 March 2007

I live in: Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our day. Pat and Ken were great with my girls. Emily is very glad that she swam and snorkeled with Pat because she is a "professional" and apparently I am not! Loved our lunch, the brownies were a hit with the girls, I loved the corona and everything else, so thanks again. The turtles and flying mantas were great as was the giant ray that we saw, the concept of the whale was good too!"

Name: Carol & Doug

   Date: 18 March 2007

I live in: Canada

"Thank you,  from the great white north. We were on your excursion this past week, had a great time. Your staff are great, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely."

"The lunch which was provided was  delicious,  I am asking a favour. There was a particular dish that both my husband (Doug) and I loved.  The mushroom dish,  would Pauline please email me the recipe?"

"As I said above, the day was great, we already recommended you to newcomers at the resort, and will to those we know , that are traveling  to your area."

Thank you,


Name: John

   Date: 17 March 2007

I live in: Illinois, USA

"Thanks for the great dive experience.  I will definitely look you up on my next visit."

Name: Kathleen & Sam

   Date: 13 March 2007

I live in: Canada

To all at Hurricane Divers

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the care you took with our dives in Huatulco. Sam has not stopped talking about it and now has thoughts of becoming a dive instructor in Mexico. I just told him he would have to find a place to live that had room for his Mom to come and visit. He will have to get over his sea sickness somehow!!"

Thanks again, we had a wonderful time.

Kathleen and Sam

Name: Tomas Maruri

   Date: 03 March 2007

I live in: O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

"We have been back from Sta. Cruz Huatulco for one week now and I am still wishing it did not have to end."

"I was certified as an open water Scuba Diver this trip by Nata.  My great memories will last a lifetime!  Nata is a fabulous, patient teacher.  He has an obvious love of the sea and scuba diving which comes through in the course.  Thank you Nata for the great experience!"

"Pauline, the beach-side feast was, once again, one of the best meals in town!  Loved it!"

"Robert, your hospitality, great conversation, and knowledge are incredibly appreciated!  I will brag about Hurricane Divers and my experiences there to anyone who will listen."

"Hope to see you again next year.  If you are ever in Chicago, make sure to call me."

Name: Nonie Heinrich

   Date: 02 March 2007

I live in: Calgary, AL, Canada

"Our group of 4 fun-loving ladies enjoyed a fabulous day of snorkelling and tour of the Bays on January 16/07.  Your staff was friendly, professional and informative.  We were in awe of the clear water, the amount of fish we saw and the white sandy beaches.  We felt absolutely spoiled by the guys cleaning an area of the beach for us to have lunch on and pulling out a gourmet meal for us to enjoy.  The day ended too quickly but I would definitely book with Hurricane Divers again and have recommended them to anyone I know going to Huatulco.  Thanks for many wonderful memories!"

Name: Corrie & Neil Billedeau

   Date: 26 February 2007

I live in: Manitoba, Canada

Hi Roberto

"A group of us from Winnipeg, Manitoba had the pleasure of spending February 6, a full day of snorkeling and diving with the Hurricane crew.  We were in two boats one full of snorkelers and the other with divers. After spending the entire morning in the water we then met up for a picnic lunch on a beautiful beach. The food that came out of the coolers looked wonderful and tasted even better than it looked! My husband is still talking about the meat loaf! Roberto could you please forward this email to your wife as we know she is a fabulous cook. We will send you photos later. Thank you for making our trip to Huatulco again memorable!"

Name: Cathy

   Date: 22 February 2007

I live in: Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we had a great time fishing with Isidro.  Unfortunately, the fish weren't co-operating that day, but my son did catch one small tuna and Isidro really tried for us.  We
certainly weren't dissappointed, the dolphins put on quite a show for us and it was awesome seeing the huge sea turtles.  Please say thank you to Isidro and hopefully we will see him again."

Name: Zoé & Jim

   Date: 22 February 2007

I live in: Montreal & Edmonton, QB & AL, Canada

"Thank you so much for a fantastic excursion.  We had never seen so much sea life (whales, dolphins, turtles) in one day.  Especially seeing a whale from just a few feet. Lunch was gourmet! Everything was great. Merci Pat, Nata, our captain, Ernesto, Pauline and Robert."

Name: Randy & Joanne

   Date: 20 February 2007

I live in: Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

Hola Pat, Nata & Robert,

"Just wanted to thank you all for a great Bays trip, the Humpback Whale was an awesome bonus! We had such a great time, we're looking forward to our next trip South and Pauline's wonderful lunch. Mahsi Cho from the Great White North!"

Name: Cliff & Judy

   Date: 15 February 2007

I live in: BC, Canada

Roberto, Yan, Ernesto, Nata, Ken and Carsten,

"Thanks for making our week in Huatulco so enjoyable.  We enjoyed all four days of diving.  The diving and bay tour day was incredible; very good diving, beautiful scenery, fantastic food and great company."

"We have been diving for many years in various parts of the world and I would recommend Hurricane Divers.  They are to be commended for their; friendliness, professionalism and commitment to safety."

Name: Robin

   Date: 14 February 2007

I live in: Marseilles, Illinois, USA

"I had contacted Roberto before we went down to Huatulco. I did an open water dive and another did a discover scuba program. Both were great. Reasonably priced and the crew were very accomodating. We will definitely be back and use Hurricane Divers again."

Name: Tammy & Mike

   Date: 13 February 2007

I live in: Winnipeg. Manitoba, Canada

"We had a wonderful time in and out of the water!! Mike owes Pauline a haircut!! Next year! "

Name: John Keown

   Date: 25 January 2007

I live in: USA

"The Open Water course was an excellent introduction to the world of diving. Hurricane Divers are friendly and professional and their rates are very reasonable. Im very much looking forward to returning for more of the same!"

Name: Susan & Jim Duncan

       Date: 13 January 2007

I live in: Calgary, AB, Canada

Roberto, Yan, Pat, Ernesto, and Ken

"Thanks for giving us some very special memories about Huatulco and our vacation which, sadly enough, ended yesterday.  We sure enjoyed our 2 trips out with you guys and especially appreciated the friendly way you took care of us landlubbers from the frozen north.  We don’t get out on boats much less enjoy beautiful warm water too often.  (Ken knows this first hand….)  With our trips out with you, and not counting places we went to twice, we visited 10 beaches in Hualtulco and snorkelled in 9 of them!  Not bad for a 14 day trip.  And we saw some pretty cool marine life too.  Huatulco is beautiful and we appreciated having you as our guides to part of it."

Sent in by email

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