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Latest News (July): After our December fund raiser and handing over a check to Nuevo Amanecer in January, we still had some donations trickling in. We received a total of $10,190 Pesos (approximately $1,000 USD) over the last few months and deposited that into the account for the building fund. Thanks again for the donations everybody! Please don't forget that ther is a lot more needed....


The Nuevo Amanecer CalendarFebruary

On the right you see the latest project to raise money, the "Un Nuevo Amanecer" Calendar for 2007. This project was the idea of a few female Huatulco residents who got some more female residents together, from various nationalities, to do a photo shoot for the calendar. The photos were taken at various locations throughout Huatulco. Local business owners and a photographer made it all possible. The calendar sells for $150 Pesos or $15 USD and, of course, the proceeds go to Un Nuevo Amanecer.

We collected some more money for the building fund as well, mainly in the Dublin and at Hurricane Divers. We haven't opened the collection "truck" in the dive center yet, so I can't give an exact amount yet. We also got a pledge for $1,000 USD from a very generous semi-resident.

Other than that, we are working on a new and more complete website for the school and we have an expert designing a flyer to spread the word, and hopefully raise more money for the building fund.



In the photo you see Roberto and Dan, handing over the check for $26,720.75 Pesos to Flor. She is the director of the school who started Nuevo Amanecer 10 years ago.

The money will go into a new, separate bank account, set up specifically for the building fund we raised money for in December.

We also had a meeting with the arquitect (Gony)who provided the construction plans. It has been decided that we are going to try and start phase one of the construction this year, if we can get the funds together. Gony is going to try and get other local builders/arquitects involved, in order to get building materials. It's almost certain we will be able to get them at cost price and some bigger companies like Cemex (cement supplier), will likely donate materials. We also decided to form a commitee who's task it will be to keep this project on the go and hopefully find more funding and donations.

More good news: This year Nuevo Amanecer will most probably be eligible for financial support from the government. Flor will apply for a grant of $600,000 Pesos ($60,000 USD) for the building project. She will also apply, and probably get, a grant from the Mexican Lottery of $300,000 Pesos ($30,000), also for the building project. The money raised in December will be a big help for Flor to show that there is serious interest in getting this project done.

For now I'll leave you with a few photos of the donations in goods over the last couple of months and some Christmas photos with the kids.




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December Fund Raiser

The school for disabled children, "A New Dawn", needs your help to build their own school building. Right now they are located in the back of a hardware store. Someone already donated the land, now they need at least $100,000 USD to start building. 


During the month of December we had a fund raiser to start that building fund. Here are the results of that fund raiser:

In total we raised $2,485.65 USD or $26,720.75 Pesos.

We received donations in US Dollars as well as in Pesos. To keep it simple I'll keep this report in USD. 

Hurricane Divers took out 114 divers and snorkelers in December and gave $5 USD per diver/snorkeler, so we donated $570 USD.

"Wisconsin" pledged $3 USD per diver /snorkeler, so they are donating $353 USD.   

Through the Nuevo Amanecer Paypal account, we received $250 USD and "Indiana" is matching that, so that was another $500 USD.

The "collection trucks" in our dive center we asked every diver and snorkeler to put their $5 USD in, gathered $244 USD.

Separately I received several $50 USD and $100 USD donations, which added up to $550 USD.

Rodrigo, from the Dublin, donated the income from his fortune telling machine which is placed in the same bar. This was $32 USD.

Last but not least, the Hurricane Divers staff donated $225 USD.

Apart from the monetary donations we also received many usefull goodies for the school over the last few weeks.

Many, many thanks to everybody that supported our December fund raiser. Soon we will sit down and see how we can build on this and get the disabled kids of Huatulco their school building. I will keep you informed through this website. I wish everybody a healthy 2007!


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