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  • Our discounts are subject to change without prior notice.

  • No discount applies when paying by credit card.

Group Discounts

4 to 7 divers/snorkelers 10%
8 to 11 divers/snorkelers 15%
12 to 15 divers/snorkelers 20%
16 to 23 divers/snorkelers 25%
24 or more divers/snorkelers 30%

Group discounts apply only if every group member contracts the same service (i.e., the same dive trip or the same course, etc.).

Group discounts apply only to services provided by Hurricane Divers.


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Groups  |  Advanced Booking  |  Instructors

Advanced Booking

Apart from the fact that we strongly recommend that you book our services well in advance to make sure we can provide the service(s) you're looking for, we also appreciate advance booking for logistical and scheduling reasons. That's why we offer the following: 

If you book our service(s) at least two weeks in advance, you are eligible for an "Early Booking Bonus" of approximately 5%.


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Groups  |  Advanced Booking  |  Instructors

Instructor Offer

We have a special offer for Instructors who come with a group of divers and provide their own service(s) to them.

This special offer includes the following: 

  • tanks and weights

  • boat and driver

  • safety equipment on board

  • drinking water and soft drinks on board

  • entrance fees for the marina and the National Park

Our special offer applies only:

  • in the low season

  • with minimum six paying divers

  • for two-tank dives

You, as the Instructor, are invited and if you come with 12 or more paying divers, we invite a second member of your staff (your divemaster, for example). For more info, send us an email Click here to send us an email


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Groups  |  Advanced Booking  |  Instructors

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