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.The 2nd Mexican Championship of Extreme Sports

Chahue BeachDay 1, Thursday, October 12th, 2000

Left and below:

Before the actual event the competitors had to show they were able to safely use the climbing equipment, ocean kayaks and rafts. These tests took place in La Crucecita, on the beach of Chahué and on the river Copalita. Below right you see Alex from the local ASHTA team demonstrating his rappel skills.

.Wall ClimbingAlex on the wall


Start from Chahué BeachLeft and below:

The picture left shows the start of the event on Thursday October 12th at 08.00 hrs. from the beach of Chahué. The competion started with 2 competitors of each team swimming and 2 kayaking all the way to the Bay of Cacaluta (approx. 10 km) with stops in La Entrega and Organo. The other pictures show the beach of Cacaluta where the first teams arrived short before midday. From there they had to go inland, following the river by foot carrying their safety- and climbing equipment to "la Piedra de Morro" which they had to climb. There they changed to their mountain bikes. The team carrying their kayak on the beach is "Kong Hoy" from Oaxaca with Gerardo and his girlfriend (Gerardo took his PADI Instructor Course with us last June).

Arriving at CacalutaTeam Kong Hoy at Cacaluta


Team Pro AdventureRight and below:

Some scenic pictures from the first "refreshment point" PA1 in the mountains. The picture in the middle shows the Finnish team "Nokia Adventure" arriving there first around 15.00 hrs. closely followed by team "Red Bull" from Spain. Nokia wouldn't give up their lead until the very finish. From here the teams continued with a loop through the mountains and then until the first overnight camp. Because of the loop being too dangerous in the dark, teams had to arrive at PA1 before 17.00 hrs. The first day was so hard that of the 17 teams 10 didn't make it in time so they had to take the shortcut to the camp which resulted in 12 hours added to their competition time. The team you see bycicling past is the Pro Adventure team, one of the few Mexican teams that made it before 17.00 hrs. and went through the "loop of hell".

River near San LuisTeam Nokia at Refreshment Point


Day 2, Friday, October 13th, 2000

Below: This was the start of the second day with 12 teams still in the race. Five teams were disqualified the first day because one of the team members had to give up, due to the heat and dehydration. One of those teams, "Mexico Vivo" continued the second day with 3 competitors but not for the ranking and they gave up after the rafting part. The teams from Huatulco and Oaxaca were still competing although "Kong Hoy" arrived at the camp around 3.00 in the middle of the night. The first tean had arrived at 20.00 hrs.! As you can see they left on foot and soon entered a canyon they had to cross lengthwise. Two members of each team had to rappel down a part of the Copalitilla waterfalls (see other picture below) in the middle of the canyon. After that they went back to the camp to get their mountain bikes again and headed for the Copalita river to complete the rafting part of the second day.

Start Day 2 at La Gloria


Rappeling at CopalitillaRappeling at Copalitilla


Below: Here you see the point where the teams changed their bikes for a raft and went down the Copalita river all the way to "La Bocana" at the river's delta. The teams Nokia and Red Bull arrived there around 14.00 hrs. with 3 minutes difference and Red Bull trying to make up the time they had lost the first day (more or less 30 min.). From La Bocana they started following the coastline on foot for which they had to free climb "Punta Celeste" (in the pictures you see local team ASHTA climbing) and cross the river Zimatan by ropes. For the last stretch to the second overnight camp they had to hike (run) along the beach all the way to "Playa Grande" where Nokia arrived first at 18.00 hrs. The last team arrived short after midnight. By then we had only 11 teams competing because unfortunately a team member of "Kong Hoy" had to give up and they didn't make it in time to the control post where the rafting started. Unofficially (by then they were disqualified) that made them end up in 12th place which in my opinion was very impressive for a local team that competed in an event like this for the very first time!


Copalita RiverTeam ASHTA Climbing


AndreasTeam ASHTA Climbing


Day 3, Saturday, October 14th, 2000

Conejos bayLeft and below:

After the first two very heavy days the organizers together with the judges and the chief medical doctor, decided to skip the hiking part through the swamps around Playa Grande because of safety concerns. This meant that the third day consisted of almost 40 km. of ocean kayaking from Playa Grande to the finish in Santa Cruz with control posts in the Bays of Conejos, Tangolunda and Chahué. Although Red Bull tried to make up time on team Nokia they arrived in Santa Cruz a few minutes after the overall winners from Finland. Team "Rocky Mountain" from the USA won the ocean kayaking race and arrived first at the finish just after midday, before the teams "Subaru Outback" from Canada, Nokia and Red Bull. Team Nokia Adventure completed the 3 days of endurance, heat, dehydration, ocean, rivers, canyons, mountains, beach and unpaved roads in a total competion time of 27:37 hours while Red Bull needed around 40 minutes more. The last team arriving ended up with almost 46:34 hours! Team ASHTA from Huatulco finished in a well deserved 8th place with 42:02 hours, congratulations to them and to everybody who participated in this extraordinary event. For me, I enjoyed it very much experiencing an event like this close up (being one of the judges) and I hope we will see more of these kind of events in Huatulco in the future!

KayakingChahue Beach



Final Standings:

1 - Nokia Adventure, Finland
2 - Red Bull, Spain
3 - Subaru Outback, Canada
4 - Pura Vida, Costa Rica
5 - Extremo Monterrey, Mexico
6 - Eco-Jal, Mexico
7 - Rocky Mountain, USA
8 - ASHTA, Bahías de Huatulco, Mexico
9 - Kos, Mexico
10 - Cuscatlán, El Salvador
11 - Eco-Metusalem, Mexico

For more info on this yearly Mexican event go to www.camdex.com Click here to go to the Camdex website


Ascent to the top

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