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Below youll find the complete Huatulco Rainy Season Weather Report. This is an amateur effort to give people an idea of what the weather is like here. It is of my personal perception of the weather and diving conditions over the past rainy and hurricane season (done by memory, not based on hard facts!). Included is a report of hurricane activity for the East Pacific. Its an experiment and I would like to know if its worth the effort, so please send me an e-mail and let me know what you think and/or if you have any suggestions: email@hurricanedivers.com

Rainy Season Weather Report # 1. Mid-May to Mid-October 2005


Daytime highs: 30C / 39C (approx. 88F/105F). Average approx. 36C (97F).

Minimum temperatures: 26C / 30C (approx. 77F/88F). Average 28C (83F).

We seemed to have quite a bit of rain in the beginning of the season and not so much in July, August September. The first week of October we had some heavy rain. September is normally the worst month, but was actually remarkably calm, dry and sunny. Over the whole season we had many sunny days and it was hot and humid. We had weeks in a row without any rain and when it rained it was mainly late afternoon/early evening or overnight, it hardly ever spoiled the day. We did have a fair amount of overcast days as well, though more often than not, it stayed dry. We had some windy days, but in general it was pretty calm and we didnt really have any storm strength winds, not even in September.

All in all it was a relatively nice season, with only a few weeks out of the five months reminding us that it was indeed the rainy season.


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Weather    Diving Conditions    Hurricane Season    Archives

Diving Conditions

The ocean was generally nice and calm. We had some weeks with some rougher seas for a few days, but nothing major. We didnt have any significant current, although now and then we had some surge underwater. The port was closed only about eight to ten days over the whole season.

Water temperature: 29C / 30C (approx. 85F / 88F). The first week of October the temperature dropped for a few days to about 25C (75F) and there was actually a thermocline with even cooler water underneath.

Visibility: between 8m and 20m (26ft / 66ft). This was on the days we went diving, on the few days it was too rough to dive it was probably less. The visibilty is pretty variable here, if you like an average youll probably end up with approximately 10m to 12m (33ft / 40ft).

On the whole it was not a bad season for diving, relatively calm and with enough visibility to appreciate the underwater scenery and the huge amount of aquatic life Huatulco has to offer.


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Weather    Diving Conditions    Hurricane Season    Archives

Hurricane Season

Tropical Storms: 15 (average is 15 to 16)

Turned into Hurricanes: 7 (average is 9)

Became Major Hurricanes: 2 (average is 4 to 5)

If I remember correctly only two of them made landfall, Hurricane "Adrian" in El Salvador (the first one ever to hit that country) and Hurricane "Hillary" (cat.2) "brushed" the North-Pacific Coast near Manzanillo and went on to Baja California.

September was the peak month as usual, with 6 tropical storms, of which 4 became hurricanes. On the satelite photo below, taken on 20 September, you see the two Major Hurricanes "Kenneth" (cat.3) and "Jona" (cat.4), Tropical Storm "Lidia" and a tropical depression, which would later become Hurricane "Max" (cat.1). They all moved away from the coast of Mexico, in the direction of Hawaii, without causing any problems here.

Hurricane season in September 2005

We didnt get any tropical storms or hurricanes close enough to cause any direct effects here in Huatulco. We did have some tropical depressions coming by a few hundred kilometers off the coast, which later developed into tropical storms. They caused a bit of wind and wave action and, on few occasions, some rain.

The first week of October Hurricane Stan (coming from the Atlantic side) joined with a low pressure center (from the Pacific side) and caused heavy rain and mudslides in the South-Mexico and Middle-America. Luckily here in Huatulco the rain was not that significant.  

All in all it was a fairly calm hurricane season so far this year (technically its not over yet), as predicted by the National Hurricane Center before the season started, see Newsletter 14 Click here to go to Hurricane Divers Newsletter 14

For more information and reports by the month on tropical storms and hurricanes in the East Pacific, go to National Hurricane Center Click here to go to the National Hurricane Center


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